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Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Rs. 82,799


Portable Bluetooth player with 90W output

Multi input for Bluetooth, RCA or Optical. Pair with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Classic Marshall design details. Connect to CD player and turntables.

Power amplifiers:One 50 Watt Class D amplifier for the woofer and Two 20 Watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters

Wireless connectivity:Bluetooth v4.0 aptX



1 Year Warranty

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Use your Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer to stream music directly to your Woburn with no wires attached.
Inspired by the golden days of rock’n’roll, this coiled double-ended stereo cable with two 3.5mm plugs is a modern take on the classic telephone guitar cord cable. Kink-free and extendable, it’s your music device’s connection to a world of great sound.



Go analogue and connect to those devices that may be collecting dust in your basement. So come on, dust off your CD player, cassette player or turntable (with RIAA) and connect via the RCA input.
The Woburn is all about modern listening capability. That’s why Marshall added the option of connecting digitally via an optical cable. Hook your Woburn up to your TV, Apple TV, Airport express, hard disk player, streaming play and satellite or cable rece

Just like the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll, the Woburn speaker is all about freedom, allowing you to play your favourite music multiple ways.

Choose from the 3.5mm auxiliary input, connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, plug in your record player to the RCA input or use the optical output for devices like Apple TV.

Woburn’s big and powerful sound holds true to the Marshall legacy.




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