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URBAN Transcends the idea of just an e-commerce experience. We strive for more. 

The question has always been “WHAT”. “What is the void in the world of online shopping and What can we do to fill the void?” Back in 2016, our founding team set out to find the answer. Today, our patrons know that we have found the answer. 




Premium Products



We are predominantly a Tech company so to speak.  From High-End electronics, brilliant Music and Audio collection to new innovative technology, we strive to bring you closer to the Best of what the world has to offer.

If Tech isn’t your cup of tea, don’t shy away from discovering fashion forward brands, must-have collectibles and a myriad of premium products. 

At URBAN, our Ethos is driven by the aim to provide only the top of the range products to our customers while guaranteeing safety, quality and durability of every product that you shop online, from the comfort of your home.


100% Sri Lankan


URBAN being a fully Sri Lankan owned company, aims to make a positive impact on Sri Lanka. Our dedicated team is constantly working and evolving to give you an unparalleled online shopping experience. Our motto is simple - “Revolutionize the way Sri Lanka shops”.

Thank You for getting to know us, we hope you have a wonderful shopping experience here at URBAN.