Making Your House Smart does mean having to re-wire your entire house with a central unit.

We at Urban are providing you with plug-and-play solutions that you can implement in under 15 minutes.


1. Smart Lights

2. Smart Locks

3. Voice Activated House

4. Purchase Recommendations


Smart Lights in Sri Lanka at


What You Need:


1. The first thing you need is a Philips Hue bridge that can connect upto 50 bulbs. You just have to plug this to your home wifi connection and you are good to go!

2. Then you can download the Hue App for your Smart Home.

Download For Apple Devices:

Download For Android Devices:

3. Then you can purchase a number of Philips Hue Bulbs, depending on your requirement. The Philips Hue Range has bulbs that can change brightness, ambiance and even bulbs that can change colour.


Smart Locks in Sri Lanka at


What You Need:


August Smart Lock lets you convert your ordinary door lock, into a smart lock in a matter of minutes. 


1.First thing you need is the August Smart Lock device. Then you can fit it into the inner side of your door lock so that you can still unlock or lock your door from your existing key. The August Smart Lock uses a battery inside that will not need replacing for 3-6 month time.

2. After the installation, you can download the August Smart Lock App.


Download For Apple Devices:

Download For Android Devices:


Through the app, you can set the lock into multiple configurations.

1. Unlock/ Lock through the App

2. Auto Unlock when nearby

3. Give temperory virtual keys to friends to easily access your house.

4. Notifications when someone unlocks the door.


Virtual Assistants in Sri Lanka at


What You Need:



A virtual assistant can ease up your work very easily while adding a futuristic look to your home. They can let you turn on or off the lights, the locks with simple commands like "Alexa, turn on my lights".

These can do much more than controling your lights. Playing music/Radio, Ordering an Uber, Getting google queries etc. makes your virtual assistant a fun experience.

Currently the 3 main virtual assistants are the Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod. These are functioning quite well in Sri Lanka at the moment.

Amazon Alexa comes inbuilt in the Amazon Echo Dot 2,  Amazon Echo 2,  Amazon Echo Spot, Amazon Tap, Amazon Show etc.

Google's virtual assistant comes in the Google Home Mini and Google Home.

Apple's Siri comes inbuilt with the Apple Homepod.


1. Setting up the Virtual Assistant is quite easy. First you have to download the app to your smart phone.

Click here for download links

2. Now the app will guide you through a series of easy steps to set-up your virtual device. You can contact Urban for assistance if you need any, and we will be happy to help.

3. Setting up the Smart Lights or the August Lock to your virtual device will take only a few minutes.



For Alexa

1. Open Alexa App and Go to "Skills"

2. Search and add "Hue"

3. Follow the Onscreen instructions


For Google Home

1. Open Home App and Go to "Home Control"

2. Tap the (+) Button and add new device "Philips Hue"

3. Follow the onscreen instructions


For Apple Homepod

1. Go to the Hue app in your smartphone.

2. Select "Home Kit and Siri" and follow the onscreen instructions



4. Purchase Recommendations


 Finding your first set of smart home devices can be a little confusing. But no need to worry, as we have curated a set of starter packs, that will get you started.


i. Just Make My Lights Smarter: 2 Basic Philips Hue Lights, The Hue Bridge 

ii. Smart Home Bascis: 2 Basic Philips Hue Lights, The Hue Bridge, Amazon Echo Dot 2


I hope this helped you to understand how to easily convert your house into a smart home. If you need any clarification we are always ready to help you. You can contact us through our hotline or drop us an email or a DM over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Enjoy Your Smart Home!



Virtual Assistant Download links



Download for Apple Devices:

Download for Android Devices:


Google Home

Download for Apple Devices:

Download for Android Devices:



Apple Homepod 

No Dedicated App. Supports iOS only (Full Functionality)