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MUSE S: The Brain Sensing Headband Guided Meditation and Sleep Multi Sensor Headset

Rs. 91,499.00
  • Muse Is Your Personal Meditation Assistant
  • Mindful Mornings & Restful Nights
  • Guided Meditation With Sleep Support
  • Go-To-Sleep Journeys
  • Soft Comfort-Fit Headband
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Easy To Use
  • Compatible With Ios & Android
  • Metrics: Muse S Monitors Your Mind, Heart, Breath & Body Activity 
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Muse S: The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse S: The Brain Sensing Headband

This comfy, breathable multi-sensor meditation headset provides real-time feedback on your brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns, and body movements. Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending it with deeply restorative sleep – the perfect combination for the best version of you.

With our world-renowned roster of meditation instructors and new adaptive Go-To-Sleep Journeys, Muse S helps you learn how to turn off your busy mind and let the world melt away—day or night.

Muse S

Biofeedback Enhanced Meditation

Featuring the same award-winning feedback technology as the original Muse & Muse 2 headbands in its ability to monitor your mind, heart, body, and breath (see below for more info) during meditation, Muse S can also help lull you to sleep with Responsive Go-to-Sleep Journeys and Pre-Sleep Soundscapes.

Muse S measures your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movement through multiple biosensors to give you real-time feedback on your meditation practice and help you know when you're in the zone.

After each meditation, you'll get a full report on how you did from moment to moment.

This soft, stretch fabric guided meditation headband can be worn comfortably at any time of day, especially for overnight wear*, with 10 hours of continuous use. Compatible with leading smartphones and devices operating on iOS and Android.

*Sleep based metrics are associated with how you responded to the meditation and guidance before you fell asleep – headband does NOT monitor or track while sleeping.

Mind Meditation


  • Real-time brain activity (EEG) feedback on your mental activity teaches you the art of focus


Heart Meditation


  • Heartbeat feedback (PPG + Pulse Oximetry) help you optimize performance and improve self regulation


Body Meditation


  • Motion sensors (Accelerometer) help you discover physical relaxation


Breath Meditation


  • Learn how to use your breath to find calm and fight stress (PPG + Gyroscope)


New Responsive Go-To-Sleep Journeys & Pre-Sleep Soundscape Meditations

Curated Go-to-Sleep JourneysMuse SEasy to Use

Personalized Bedtime Journeys

Experience responsive sleep meditations that combine soothing voice guidance and powerful biofeedback that reacts in real-time to your brain activity, heart rate, breathing patterns and body movement to help you relax and drift off.

Get Lost In An Enchanted Forest Or Underwater World

Allow yourself to get lost in a rich underwater world, lavender field, or enchanted forest that responds to your mind & body to help you drift off into a restful sleep.

Guided by the calming voice of your selected meditation teacher, you’ll be taken through a soothing journey designed to move your wandering mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you awake, and gently guide you into a restful slumber.

Explore a variety of courses and journeys or sleep inducing soundscapes designed to help lull you to sleep.

Easy to Use

Just hop into bed, start a Go-to-Sleep Journey, pick up your favorite headphones or speaker, tuck away your phone, and close your eyes. Morning-after reporting on your before-bed data is available on the Muse App in your account to help you track and measure how well you were able to achieve a calm state before falling asleep.

**Sleep based metrics are associated with how you responded to the meditation and guidance before you fell asleep – headband does NOT monitor or track while sleeping**


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