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VR Box VR02 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Controller

Rs. 3,099



The VR Box VR02 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Bluetooth Gamepad Remote Controller is compatible with any Android or iOS phone sized between 4.7 to 6inch. Its frame is made from sturdy, yet lightweight ABS and features a 42mm spherical resin lens to ensure comfortable viewing of your media content in 3D. The VR glasses produce excellent quality 3D pictures and provide an experience of viewing a 1000inch wide screen from a distance of 3m. A compact and portable design makes it possible to enjoy movies, games, and other content in 3D whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down. These 3D glasses come bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad remote controller.


High Quality Resin Lens

The VR Box VR02 Virtual Reality 3D VR Glasses has its lens made from resin that has an 8 layer nano multi layer coating. With automatic surface grinding and precision polishing, this resin lens is more transparent and bright, which reduces deformity and glare. Featuring an aspherical design, the resin lens produces no distortion, so users with varying pupillary distance can watch 3D content with utmost ease.


360 Degree Panoramic View

These Virtual Reality Glasses from VR Box offer a stunning panoramic view that helps deliver an immersive 3D viewing experience. The VR Box VR 02 3D Virtual Reality Headset allows you to enjoy everything; from a concert or conference to bungee jumping and wingsuit flying, all of it while sitting comfortably on the couch.



Warranty: 1 Year


Compatible with SmartPhones

3D Virtual Reality glasses

Suitable for 4.7 6.0 inches screen size

360 degree panoramic views

Warranty: 1 Year

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