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Polaroid Rainbow PLA Filament Kit

Regular Price: Rs. 8,679

Special Price Rs. 7,249


The official Polaroid 3D pen refill Kit for your art work.



The Rainbow Kit gives you a total of 60 m (190ft) of red, Blue, yellow, green, orange and black PLA filament. An excellent addition to your Polaroid draw 3D pen or any other 3D pen that require 1.75mm filament. Made from high quality PLA plant starches and RoHS certified, this is non-toxic and no smells like ABS filament.

  • Pla is the most popular type of filament used in 3D printing pens today
  • Pla is odorless and eco-friendly because it is made from plant starch
  • Pla is ideal for home use and is safe for children to use
  • Premium content - premium stencils for Polaroid users




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